Story Doll / The Twelve Danceing Princesses

There was once upon a time a King who had twelve daughters each one more beautiful than the other . They all slept together in one chamber in which their beds stood side by side and every night when they were in them the King locked the door , and blted it . But in the morning when he unlocked the door , he saw that their shoes were worn out with dancing , and no one could find out how that had come to pass . Then the King caused it to be proclaimed that who soever cluld disc over where they danced at night , should choose one of them for his wife and be King after .......

Princesses is a 25" H. soft sculptured cloth doll .


Victoria Bride / Angela

Every precious memory is a moment apart .
Souvenir to treasure and keep within the heart .

Angela is a 25" H. soft sculptured cloth doll